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Caldwell Animal Rescue is now a member of the Mission Fish Charitable Giving on Ebay.  

If  you buy or sell on Ebay, consider donating a percentage or fixed amount to Caldwell Animal Rescue.  Just scroll through the Mission Fish Agencies and  you will find us.

Localsolutions, a private Ebay seller, donates 10% of their Auctions to Caldwell Animal Rescue. Please consider doing the same!

Our Mission:
Caldwell Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate the need for euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Caldwell County through compassionate intervention and community education.

We envision a community that values animals and treats them with love and respect.

Caldwell Animal Rescue - German Shephard

How You Can Help:
There are so many loving and caring people in Caldwell County who want to help save those animals who have been abused or need a home.

If you are reading this then, then we're describing YOU! Click here to see the wide variety of ways that you can be a part of helping.

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Are You Thinking About Rehoming or Surrendering Your Pet? Read this first...

Unfortunately, at this time, we, at Caldwell Animal Rescue, simply can not take any animals outside of Caldwell County Animal Control, but we will offer any support we can.


Tips For Safely Rehoming Your Pet


Tell everyone you know you need to rehome your pet. You never know who may be looking for a new best friend.


If you are on Facebook – use it. Take a great picture of your pet and post it along with a good description on your wall and ask all of your friends to share it.

There are also many groups you can join such as Pets for Sale or Free, Western NC Pets, and more that will help you find a good home for your pet. Craigslist is another option, but whatever you do, DO NOT give your dog away free to someone you do not know.


Charge a small rehoming fee to help cover vet expenses you have had and to ensure a good home.

Believe it or not there are people who will take your free pet and sell them to a research lab or use them for bait for fighting dogs. If you charge a small fee of $25 or so, it’s not worth it to them since they would not make a profit at the lab and don’t want to pay for bait.

Do a vet check.

Any responsible person looking to get an animal should have no problem giving you the name of their vet. You can call any vet’s office and tell them you are rehoming your animal and this person is interested and you wanted to see if they are good pet owners. The office will tell you if their animals are up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative, neutered or spayed etc.

There are some people that give their own vaccines but they should still have a vet for heartworm preventative (for dogs) and spay/neuter. If they used a clinic you can always ask them to show you the paperwork.

If by chance they say they do not have a vet:

Do some research
– Facebook stalk them –
- What are their pictures like?
- If they say they have no pets are there posts on their wall about “their” dog?
- Pictures of them with a pet?
- Google them if you aren’t on Facebook.

Do a home visit. Actually going to their house (be sure to be safe and bring someone with you, preferably a man) can be done under the pretense of having the dog meet the rest of the family and any current pets, which is also important. But you are there looking for any sign that they would not make a good pet parent.
- Is there a decent yard for the dog to play in?
- If they have other dogs are they happy and playing, or are they tied to a tree?
- If the dogs are outside in a kennel is there food, water and shelter etc?

You can ask for personal references, but know that they will be friends and will say what the person wants them to say, in most cases.

Know that people have been known to bring their kids along to tell you how much they miss their dead puppy to get your dog free to use for terrible things... some people truly have no heart.


Then sometimes you have to go with your gut.



If none of the above helps you find a new home, there are several rescues you can try before you turn them into Animal Control, such as Pet Partners, Humane Society of Catawba County and Burke County Friends for Animals - just search Animal Rescues online.

Unfortunately, at this time, we, at Caldwell Animal Rescue, simply can not take any animals outside of Caldwell County Animal Control, but we will offer any support we can.


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