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Are You Thinking About Rehoming or Surrendering Your Pet? Read this...


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Caldwell Animal Rescue is now a member of the Mission Fish Charitable Giving on Ebay.  

If  you buy or sell on Ebay, consider donating a percentage or fixed amount to Caldwell Animal Rescue.  Just scroll through the Mission Fish Agencies and  you will find us.

Localsolutions, a private Ebay seller, donates 10% of their Auctions to Caldwell Animal Rescue. Please consider doing the same!

Our Mission:
Caldwell Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate the need for euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Caldwell County through compassionate intervention and community education.

We envision a community that values animals and treats them with love and respect.

Caldwell Animal Rescue - Siamese cat

How You Can Help:
There are so many loving and caring people in Caldwell County who want to help save those animals who have been abused or need a home.

If you are reading this then, then we're describing YOU! Click here to see the wide variety of ways that you can be a part of helping.

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Become A Foster Family for a Loving Dog!

Foster homes allow terrific dogs the time needed to become adopted. The more foster homes that are available, more dogs can be removed from animal control, giving them a chance for finding their new homes.

You can really make a difference for an animal - maybe even one of life and death! Many of the animals are rescued from certain euthanasia at Animal Control. You can really make a difference for an animal - maybe even one of life and death! Contact us if you would like to volunteer to become a foster family.

Download our Why Should I Foster? brochure for answers to questions like:
- What does fostering an animal involve?
- Why do adoption groups need foster homes?
- Why should I foster an animal?
- Plus, 8 reasons why you should foster a pet - even if you think you can't
Download the Why Should I Foster? brochure now.

If you have room in your heart and home, please consider fostering for a temporary time. It only costs your a little time, love, and devotion. Your help means the world to the dogs.

Become A Foster Family!
Foster homes are needed to provide a safe and loving place for these animals to live temporarily, until they find their new owners. Download the foster care application here.

Take a listen to the PSAs (public service announcements) that is airing on Kicks 103.3 Country, the Bluegrass Station, and on NewsTalk 1340 Radio, and on 92.1 Big Dawg Radio about why fostering an animal is a great thing to do.

Foothills Radio Stations
Big Dawg Radio

Words From a Happy Foster Mom
by Deborah Teeters, Foster Parent and Volunteer, CAR

"Some people say to me 'Oh, I couldn't do it ... I'd get too attached; I wouldn't want to let them go'. Well, in a sense, this is true.  My husband and I started fostering with a Bang!!  Sasha, a Aussie/Border collie mix and her 9 pups were in dire need of a foster home. Hubby and I had discussed fostering and decided it was time to act.  We prepared quickly, making a puppy room in our guest room and doing as much research as possible. We picked up "the gang" at the vet's office.  

"Mama Sasha was a mess, skinny, dirty, nervous, jumping at every movement.  She and a few of the pups (they were just a few days old) had upper respiratory infections.  After a through exam for all and prescriptions we started home. Sasha was so afraid she was trying everything to get out of the car.  I had to hold and comfort her the best I could all the way home.

"Our two older dogs adapted to the change in our quiet home so much better than we would have predicted.  Eventually the pups were weaned and went to other foster homes or were adopted.  We were attached to each one but happy to see them move toward good, forever homes.  We are still in contact with some of the new parents or see them posted on the CAR website or facebook page.  Its a pure joy knowing we helped give them all a good start.

"Sasha is still fostering with us. She is a healthy, beautiful, gentle, loving girl.  She needed some time to learn to trust, become more comfortable with strangers, riding in the car and new experiences.  She still has moments of panic but she's come so far and is ready for a forever family to take her the rest of the way.

"Yes, we're attached to her, and she to us.  It will be a tug when she's adopted.  But we know it's the right thing for us to do. There are other "Sashas" out there who need us to do for them what we've done for her.  To give them time to heal, learn to trust, adjust to living in a home; to accept and give love unconditionally.

"We have no degree in rehabilitating rescues.  All we have is common sense, patience and love.  That's what it takes to be a good foster parents.  

"I bet that some of you reading this have the 'right stuff' and hesitate because it may hurt to let them go.  All I can say is don't fear letting go.  Take the leap of faith that, when the time comes, you'll know its the right thing to do!!"

Caldwell Animal Rescue
Your Family Can Beco
me A Foster Family!

Becoming a foster family is easy. Download the foster care application here.




Spay & Neuter Myth logo
MYTH: "It's better to have one litter before having a female animal spayed."
FACT: Quite the opposite - Medical evidence shows that spayed female animals are healther than those that are not, especially those spayed before their first heat. Check with your veterinarian about spaying your female pets.

Courtesy of The Humane Society of The United States

Call The Spay/Neuter Hotline: 855-259-SPAY

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