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Caldwell Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to eliminate the need for euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Caldwell County through compassionate intervention and community education.

We envision a community that values animals and treats them with love and respect.

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There are so many loving and caring people in Caldwell County who want to help save those animals who have been abused or need a home.

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Who Rescuesd Who? - The True Love Story of Casanova

Caldwell Animal RescueLittle Chi - Big Rescue

Those of us in the Rescue Community, those of us who foster and adopt animals, often ask the question, “Do we rescue them or do they rescue us?”.  One recent Caldwell Animal Rescue (CAR) adoption is a prime example of the “rescue” question.

Several weeks ago, our Dog Committee Co-chair pulled a little Chi from the stray section of Animal Control.  He was a couple of days past his 72 hour deadline, unfortunately, there was no room for him in the CAC adoption area but fate intervened. She said he just gave her one look and she was hooked.

The little Chi was named Casanova and he certainly lived up to the name; a real charmer full of personality and love. He was bathed, treated for fleas and ticks (some the size of a dime), fully Vetted and taken to his new foster home. He immediately fit right in and his foster family fell in love.  Although he was listed for adoption, his fosters decided if he wasn’t adopted quickly, they would happily become his forever family.  But this was not to be.

Fate, again intervened in Casanova’s life.  Bonnie, a resident of the Triangle area, saw his picture on Pet Finders and it was love at first sight.  She contacted CAR right away to find out if she could adopt him even though she lived several hours away. 

When Casanova’s foster Mom talked to Bonnie and heard her compelling story, she knew that, even though her family loved Casanova, Bonnie not only would love him just as much but she also needed him.

After surviving an abusive relationship Bonnie enlisted in the Navy in search of a new life.  She was a Med-Tec, working toward a nursing degree.  Unfortunately, her service was cut short when she had a devastating car accident which had a lasting effect on her legs.  After many surgeries and a long convalescence, Bonnie still had a strong desire to serve her country.  She went to work at a VA hospital. Eventually, the outcome of the violence of war she witnessed on the young men and women she helped tend at the VA, compounded by her own prior abuse and the trauma of a second accident, left her suffering from PTSD. Bonnie became a prisoner in her own home, suffering panic attacks, extreme anxiety and agoraphobia along w/ chronic pain.

After her doctors suggested that she may benefit from the companionship of a small dog, Bonnie jumped at the chance to adopt a little Chi offered to her by a friend.  The Chi, Danger, became Bonnie’s best friend.  He calmed her during the panic attacks, helped her through the nightmares that plagued her sleep and gave her a reason to look forward to every new day.  With Danger by her side, Bonnie was able to resume parts of her social life.  He went everywhere with her.  For almost 20 yrs, Danger and Bonnie faced the world together.  Sadly, this year after a long, full life, Danger passed away.  Bonnie was again alone, fearful and inconsolable. She lost her best friend and believed she could never recover.
Casanova's Family
Family and friends urged her to consider another adoption but Bonnie resisted, feeling she could never replace Danger.  She did, however, finally agree to look at dogs online.  Then, she saw the picture of Casanova.   It was love at first sight.  There were barriers of geography but those were rapidly overcome.  CAR was able to do a long distance background check, spoke to Bonnie’s Vet and did the usual checks by phone.  CAR volunteers, Ray and Betsy, graciously agreed to make the 3 hr. drive with Casanova so he and Bonnie could meet and see if they were a match.

When they arrived, Casanova immediately jumped in Bonnie’s lap, giving her a big kiss.  It was a done deal.  Today, Casanova is constantly by Bonnie’s side assuming the loving duties once performed by Danger.  Bonnie says that in many ways, Casanova is different from Danger but only in good ways.  While Danger will always be in Bonnie’s heart, Casanova has won his own place.  Bonnie’s quality of life is once again on the mend.

So do we rescue or are we rescued?  Perhaps the answer is both.

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